Step 1
PPC (Property Preperation Checklist)

Congratulations on completing the PPC! Your property should be looking bright & welcoming now. At this moment, you are ready to prepare yourself & your camera to start filming.

Step 2
Phone & camera settings

a. Use the widest & highest Megapixel (MP) lens on your phone.
b. Turn on Grid lines in camera settings.

c. Record in 1080p HD at 60 FPS / 4K at 60 FPS.

Take note of the space needed on your phone to record multiple takes of the video.

d. Use rear camera & record horizontally.

Step 3
Review floor plan & plot filming route

a. Review your property’s floor plan & walk through the whole house to plan your route.

It is helpful to test record while you’re figuring out your route so you can review the footage after, to decide on a better route. Refer to the image below as a guide when plotting your route. Take note of how smooth and seamless your path is when planning.

Step 4
Camera movement

a. One take shot

A “one-take shot” refers to footage that is a single continuous recording. With this in mind, once you hit the record button on your phone you’ll need to walk through the route that you’ve planned in step 3 & only stop recording once you’ve done so. Don’t worry, if you messed up in the middle of the route feel free to stop recording, restart your route & hit record again until you’re satisfied.

b. Slow & steady

When you’re walking through your route, remember to walk slow & steady. Do not try to complete it as fast as possible. It is better to have footages which are steady & a bit on the slow side rather than having shaky footage that would in turn be unusable.

c. Room / Space

Keep in mind when entering a room / space to showcase, always be moving forward or sideways, never backwards. Remember to also keep your back up against the walls as much as possible to get the widest angle of the room.

If the room/space you’re moving into can be covered by the camera at a certain position, stop at that position & hold for about 3-5 sec before moving on. (Pan up or down to showcase room amenities if applicable)

Step 5
Camera angle

a. Straight horizon

The purpose of keeping the horizon straight during filming is so that the footage does not look crooked throughout the whole video.

But how do we ensure that the horizon is straight when we’re shooting indoors you ask? Don’t worry, all you need to do is align the horizontal grid that you turned on earlier, with a door frame/window frame in your house & try your best to keep that position throughout the filming.

b. Camera height

The height of the camera should be as close to eye level as possible. Feel free to make necessary adjustments as long as the footage looks natural to you.